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Letters: Troops not forgotten

Two nasirat who wrote letters to Edmonton Journal after the Solidarity Rally. Both letters, Alhamdollilah, got published in the Edmonton Journal yesterday.

As members of the Ahamdiyya Muslim Community, we held a solidarity rally on Nov. 8 at Churchill Square on behalf of our Canadian troops.

I support those who have served and continue to serve our country to keep it free and peaceful.

Islam teaches about peace, and extremist groups like ISIS go against this fundamental principle of Islam. What ISIS does has nothing to do with Islamic religion.

We will keep supporting Canada because our loyalty to Canada is part of our faith.

Zoya Mahmood, age 10, Edmonton

Speak out for our soldiers

On Saturday, I went to Churchill Square with my mom, sisters and grandparents for the solidarity with Canada rally. We wore red hijabs, poppies and carried Canadian flags, and we later had to wear our tuques because it was freezing cold.

Everyone was there to remember the soldiers who sacrificed there lives for our country. We are very grateful for living in Canada; it is my home. We shouted, “Long live Canada,” and “We are proud to be Canadian” over and over again, then sang O Canada.

Please remember the soldiers and speak out for them. I hope our country stays safe.

Duree-Aden Baber, Grade 3, Edmonton