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Annual Nasirat Workshop – B.C Region

On Sunday, Feb 23rd 2014, by the grace of Allah, our Annual Regional Nasirat Workshop took place. This workshop began at 10am in the morning and was conducted for a full day. Mothers and the nasirat attended regardless of the bad weather and snow. The Nasirat from all the Majalis including Surrey North, Surrey South, Surrey West and Vancouver participated in this workshop. There was a total attendance of 50 out of 74 Nasirat.

The program began with the recitation of the Holy Quran along with English translation and commentary. The program began with an introduction and an overview for how the entire day was to be laid out by our Regional Nasirat coordinator, Mrs. Attiya Lakhan sahiba .After a brief intro the Nasirat were split into their respective groups in which they discussed the assigned group challenges that they faced without any hesitation. Following the group session, age groups were separated as 7-10, 11-13, and 14-15 and sent to separate rooms. Presentations were presented by our active lajna Ms. Tayyaba Ali, Ms. Aan Chaudhry, Ms. Aisha Ali, Ms. Amina Ali, Ms. Kashifa Hafeez, Ms. Anum Ahmed, Ms. Sara Chatta, Ms. Atiya Azeem, and Ms. Wasika Nasir.

The presentations each played a unique role in building the workshop structure such as it began by ice breaker activities followed by contemporary issues. Other presentations that were focused on include: Cyber bullying/ confidence, Identity as an ahmadi Muslim, and lying and ending by teaching the Nasirat the importance about our actions and words. Each of the presentations were followed by group discussing in which the Nasirat were given scenarios to share their thoughts on and share with everyone. Furthermore, there were fun team building exercises which all the Nasirat truly enjoyed and found exciting and joyful. Half way through the day, a break was taken in which the Nasirat were provided with a pasta with Aloo Bhujiya and naan lunch followed by offering of congregational prayer. After the break, the Nasirat were put together to play games which they enjoyed a lot. Next we taught the girls specific moves we can use for self defense in situations of danger. This included simple hand, arm, and leg techniques to escape form a stranger.

We also held a mothers session with national secretary Tarbiyyat, Mrs. Munaza Khan sahiba. 25 mothers attended this session in which they discussed social networking and how to keep there children safe from these sites. Followed by this was a question/ answer session which the mothers enjoyed a lot and requested more similar sessions. After this fun activity, the Regional President of BC Mrs. Sarah Laeeq Sahiba presented a splendid and inspiring speech on Stronger relation with Allah. The program ended with Nasirat participating in Silent Prayer.

Alhamdulillah, this was a successful workshop in which all the Nasirat attended and listened attentively to all the presentations and took part in all the discussions actively. A positive and enthusiastic response was received from majority of the participants and encouraged similar workshops.