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Nasirat’s Trip to Jamia Ahmadiyya

We took Nasirat to Jamia Ahmadiyyaa where a Jamia student in his 4th year was waiting for us in the library. He told us about the library and that Jamia students have to spend 2 hours in the library. He also told us about the new books that had just arrived from Rabwah. He showed the Nasirat the Holy Quran with translation in over 50 languages.

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After this, he took us to his classes and explained to us about each class, the principal and briefly told us about the teachers. Later on we went to the assembly hall where it is mandatory for a student to give a lecture of at least one hour of any topic of his choice.

We were all surprised when the Jamia student told us that Huzoor (May Allah be his Helper) made the schedule for these students and they followed it exactly how he wrote it. Huzoor (May Allah be his Helper) told the Jamia principal that the Jamia students are my kids and to provide for them so they can live a healthy life.

There were 5 Lajnas and 25 Nasirat that came to this trip and learned a lot. This was certainly a knowledgeable trip for both Nasirat and Lajna. At the end of the trip Nasirat were provided with refreshments.

Zubia Sharif